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About us

Shenzhen, China
Business Type:
Year Established:
2006 Year
Total Employees:
201-300 people
Total Annual Revenue:
10 million USD-50 million USD
Export Percentage:
91% - 100%

Coolight, lighting the way forward.

With over 13 years of commitment to developing and improving our range of Flexible LED linear lighting since 2006, Coolight is now a leading manufacturer of high quality Flexible LED strip lighting in China.

Our commitment to quality, service and competitive pricing ensures that our customers have 100% trust in Coolight and the products we supply, the secret to our success is due to focusing on one main product to ensure that we are at the forefront of technology providing technical advice and solutions to all our customers.

We exported 90%-100% of our products to more than 40 countries and regions including Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, Australia etc. We exported over 7million meters of Flexible LED Strips every year into a wide range of industries and they are used in many different applications such as Hotel lighting, Shop lighting, Kitchen and Cabinet lighting, Caravans and Cruise ships.

Over the past several years, we have invested over 1 million USD dollars in our laboratory, testing equipment and production facility, and we have implemented advanced automotive production systems to supply the highest quality LED strip products to our customers.

Now we have one professional laboratory and two advanced technology research centers. The laboratary is for Material analysis, Precision measurement, IES LDT testing, Reliability testing, Failure analysis etc.  One advanced technology research center is LED components encapsulation technology R&D center, and the other one is LED driving constant current regulator IC (Intergrated circuit) R&D center.

Coolight is the first LED Strip manufacturer to install a fully operational professional laboratory and testing facility to ensure that the LED strip products we supply are 100% reliable. The Quality Control system we operate is to ISO9001:2015 to ensure that we conform to all the current standards.

Coolight was co-founded in 2006 by Ms.Mary Long and Mr.David Zhu. We have a strong Research and Development team under the guidance of our Mr.David Zhu, who by analyzing market demand and working together with our long-term business partners ensures that we are at the forefront of design and technology ensuring that we are the first to launch new products in the industry.

Mr.David Zhu graduated from Yantai University in 2002 with a ‘Master’s Degree’ from CUHK(The Chinese University of Hong Kong) In 2017. Mr Zhu took responsibility for ensuring that Coolight is the forefront of innovation, developing new products and managing Coolight’s strategy for the future development of the company.

We have a strong Sales team lead by our C.E.O Ms.Mary Long who has over 17 years marketing and sales experience in the LED industry. Ms.Long leads by example and promotes her beliefs of ‘Just do it’ and ‘no excuses’ which has resulted in a passionate sales team.

In Coolight we have clear KPI’s(key performance indicators) for every employee, which ensures that each member of our team has clear targets, goals and responsibilities to work towards. Coolight offers all employees diverse training programmes, including technical training, human relations and childrens education, which helps all our employees live happier lives outside their work environment.

Coolight is always looking to the future. Quality and Service are the keys to ensuring a close relationship with all our customers.

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